"Christian Leotta has taken piano lessons from me for a few years. His respect for the indications of the classic and romantic composers is perfect and their understanding considerable.

The dynamic range of his playing from nearly inaudible pp to a powerful ff is impressive. I feel that I can recommend his performances warmely".    

Karl Ulrich Schnabel

"Christian possesses an extraordinary talent. His range of technique and his beautiful innate musicality are far beyond the normal talent. In addition, he is extremely intelligent with a swift, alert mind and memory. His capacity for work is unlimited. He is in excellent health, easily able to cope with all the stresses of an international career. He is courteous, very attractive, and has an excellent stage manner.

Christian has worked with me intensively in several Master Classes at the International Piano Foundation at Lake Como in 1997 and in Oxford, England, in January 1998. There is no doubt in my mind that his gifts and work capacity will inevitably lead to a major career in performance".  

Rosalyn Tureck

"Christian Leotta is a very talented young pianist whom I have hear play over several years. He has a genuine musical sense and an excellent technique.

At the moment, he is engaged in recording all of the Beethoven sonatas and an excellent disc, with opus 22 and other sonatas, has just been issued. I'm very happy to recommend his work".

Charles Rosen